Increase conversions by 161%

Put simply, customers are more likely to buy when other customers tell them your product is great. With LoopingBack create a UGC pipeline that will engage your customers and get you content to share.

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Disengaged customers bring in 77% less revenue

Engage your customers with new product tutorials, feedback loops, surveys and more. Your customers will feel SEEN and HEARD, you will feel more in touch, and the business will improve.

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Create an experience your customers will love you for

Customer loyalty is key in today's market. You're already touching your customer throughout the sales cycle. Why not use those touches as opportunity to collect UGC? Build a relationship with your customer that goes beyond simple reviews and email.


Sending video of your existing customers to your potential customers will give them social proof and improve your conversion rates by up to 161%.


Welcome your customer into your community by introducing yourself, the team, include any necessary tutorials, and give them a chance to say "hello!"


Have your designers and engineers send videos to your customers about the products they bought with useful tips and ask for feedback. You'll build serious loyalty because your customers will feel seen and you'll get high quality UGC.


Cross-sell and Upsell 

Take your customers through a video tour of accessories or use cases for a product they recently purchased and then land them directly on the accessories store page. Have your customers experience and relate to your brand then land them on pages where they can take action.

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Easily compatible with existing workflows and systems

We get it, video can be a new way of doing things, but that doesn't mean you have to throw out your processes. If you're using email, SMS, or social to market your business then we're compatible. It can be as simple as updating a link. Let's make it official!


Analytics to make it easy

All content will be analyzed for sentiment, keywords, offensive language, and more. We know that dealing with a lot of video can be overwhelming, so we provide reports and features to help you sift through it all!


How to engage


We'll convert the first few seconds of your video into an embeddable, clickable GIF that will entice your customers.

Surveys (NPS, CSAT, etc.)

Send out the first question of a multi-choice survey in email or SMS to give customer an easy entry point. Great for NPS!

Custom Branding

We know it's important that your customers experience your brand. That's why we built an experience that's customizable for you!

QR Codes

For product packaging or flyers QR codes are a great way to engage people in the real world with your video loops.

Email Links

Drop public links into your emails, SMS, and other messages that easily get your customers to give video feedback.


At the end of a loop you have the option to redirect to somewhere else. This is a great way to land customers on shopping pages, coupons, and any call to action.


What our customers say

"I am developing a relationship with people I haven’t spent any time with"

“The coolest thing to come out of the pandemic.”

“We're getting more and better responses in our surveys”


Need clarification?

What is LoopingBack?

You can think of us like your own personal Instagram stories. Technically, we're a survey platform, but we aim for an experience that's more like social media and less like a survey.

Are you mobile compatible?

Absolutely! There's no app to download either as we'll run in the browser. We're also desktop compatible too FWIW!

Who has rights to the videos?

Any video uploaded can technically be used by you for promotion. You can also add opt-in questions in your loop to get affirmative sign off.

Can it be anonymous?

Yes! Video feedback, is hard to be completely anonymous, but that's why we have text and audio formats too. We have a mode where we'll assign every respondent an anonymous id, so we got you covered!

Will people actually send me video?

Honestly, we don't know. We can tell you that they definitely won't if you don't ask for it. Chances are some will, and that content means everything. Like Wayne Gretzky said "you miss 100% of the shots you don't take."

Ready to Create Your UGC Pipeline?