More Time Selling, Less Time Meeting

Pipeline and deal reviews take a lot of time off calendars and that’s time deals aren't moving forward. Sync up, engage, and support your team through asynchronous video. You can collect the information you need and give your team time back to start closing. Coffee anyone?

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Time Saved

Save at least 10% of your time weekly by reducing check-ins, pipeline reviews, and stand-ups. Meet only when needed, otherwise it's smooth sailing to deal town.

Clear Communication

With structured answers and video transcription no one is left wondering if a message or direction was understood. Loops give you the structure and schedule to communicate clearly and get direct answers from your team. We should probably turn this into some kind of parenting app.

Sales Analytics

You’ve probably heard of Gong and similar tools, well this is like that, but for your internal conversations. Through transcription and natural language processing you’ll understand what words are being said and what’s effective for managing, motivating, and ultimately contributing to the bottom line.

Efficient and Impactful for Your Team and Bottomline