Simplified Pricing to Help You Scale



Get started collecting customer videos with 1 active loop a month

  • Unlimited Users
  • Checkmark 1 Active Loops/ Month
  • Checkmark Up to 30 minutes of Video Responses / Month (additional can be added)
  • Public Loops - Links and QR Code
  • Text / Audio / Video Response Types
  • Video Questions
  • Download All Videos
  • Transcriptions
  • Checkmark Searchable Responses
  • Checkmark Unlimited Text and Audio Responses



* Based on Annual Contract or $248.75/month

Start collecting feedback right away

  • Checkmark Up to 3 Active Loops / Month (additional can be added)
  • Checkmark Up to 1 hour of Video Responses / Month (additional can be added)
  • Checkmark All Free Features
  • Checkmark Video Analytics
  • Remove Video Watermarking
  • Checkmark Download All Videos
  • Checkmark Tagging
  • Checkmark Send Multi-Choice Question via Email
  • Checkmark CRM Integrations



* Based on Annual Contract or $561.25/month

Get help from AI to search, sort, and categorize videos

  • Checkmark Up to 10 Active Loops / Month (additional can be added)
  • Checkmark Up to 3 hours of Video Responses / Month (more can be added)
  • All Pro Features
  • Checkmark SSO Capabilities
  • Checkmark Sentiment Analysis
  • Checkmark Keyword Analysis
  • Custom Reporting
Branding - Promote your Brand

Branding - $99/Month

Utilize our portal to customize the experience for your users.  Help reinforce your brand image while collecting valuable feedback.

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Services - Get up and running Fast

Setup & Marketing Services - $1,000

Getting started quickly and correctly is the best way to make sure you get the feedback you need from customers and employees.  Our team will work with you to integrate loops into at least two of your existing flows. You will come away from this engagement with a marketing packet, your team knowing how to use the platform, and with the tips and tricks on how to get the best results.

All we need from you to get started is 1 hour to plan and discuss goals and 2 minutes to record a video.


Need clarification?

Can we get the portal branded or white labeled?

Yes, white labeling is a feature we offer.  It can be added to any existing subscription for $99/month.  

What is a User? And are they really Unlimited?

A user is anyone who can log into the platform under your organization.  Users can create loops (Surveys), view responses and analytics, and create groups.  Yes they are unlimited.  We want you to be able to communicate broadly throughout your organization.

What is a Public Loop vs. Secured Private Loop?

Public loops are surveys that anyone can access via a link.  The link can be emailed, turned into a QR code, or texted out to users.  When they respond, they will be asked to authenticate so that you can know who responded.

A Secure Private Loop is a survey that is only accessible to people whom you have invited.  We require the user to authenticate using an email that you have provided for them.  However, there is no password, so it is a very simple and secure process.  This allows you to send and receive confidential information via the platform.

What if I want more video responses?

Additional video responses can be purchased in buckets of 1 hour responses for $99/ additional hour.  The bucket runs concurrently with your subscription.  For example, if you are on an annual subscription, and purchase 1 additional hour they will be available for the rest of the year.  If you are on a month to month subscription, the additional hour will be available for that month.  Unused time does not roll over.

Can I use LoopingBack to communicate to employees too?

Absolutely!  In fact many of our customers use LoopingBack to not only get customer feedback, but also employee feedback as well.  That is why we have Secure Private Loops as well as unlimited users.

What is covered in the Setup & Marketing Services?

This service consists of two one hour training sessions and a third optional session. In the initial training session we'll establish goals and cover an intro to LoopingBack for the team, how to create a loop, how to review responses to a loop, how to reply, and tags. We will also upload any user tagging or user lists desired by the team. In the second session, which should be roughly a week after the first, we'll work with your team to build out and integrate at least two initial loops into your existing technology/processes. We'll also cover some of the more advanced features around asynchronous scheduling, recurring loops, groups and custom reporting/analytics. We include an optional third session for any needs that arise or come up as the team gets more acquainted with the platform and gets their initial loops launched, think of this last one as more of a brainstorming, tips, and collaboration session.

How do I add more active loops?

Additional active loops can be added for $50 / loop / month.