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Evolve beyond stale, yearly surveys! With our LoopingForward service, tap into the pulse of your ever-changing culture. Engage, understand, and communicate with your tribe, in real-time and never miss a beat again.

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What is this?

Software + Services that work with you to understand the current state of your organization, and build a process utilizing our proprietary technology so you stay in the know. We will work with you to:

  • Create and implement an initial employee culture survey
  • Analyze & produce a report on the results
  • Produce a compilation video of the results for use in marketing
  • Establish a suggested action and communication plan
  • Provide scripts and talking points that correspond do your cultural needs
  • Create and implement ongoing pulse surveys and communication to measure progress

Our Process:

Collect Stories

We collect cultural stories directly from your employees through video surveys. These capture their experiences, perspectives, and insights, providing a powerful tool to understand your organizational culture's strengths and weaknesses.

AI & Human Analysis

LoopingForward uses AI algorithms to analyze survey responses, extracting valuable patterns and sentiments. This provides a comprehensive understanding of your company's cultural landscape, identifying strengths and areas for improvement. These data-driven insights fuel cultural transformation.

Results Microsite

Transparency and inclusivity are vital for cultural change. We provide the results through a hosted web microsite, accessible to your entire workforce. This centralized site shares cultural assessment outcomes, and by promoting companywide visibility, we foster a collective effort towards cultural transformation.

12 Month Communication Plan

We develop a tailored 12-month communication plan after identifying cultural strengths and weaknesses. This plan outlines strategies, initiatives, and actions to reinforce positive values and address areas of improvement. We provide senior leaders with scripted messages and technology for consistent and impactful communication across the organization.

Continual Collection of Video Story Feedback

We then continuously collect video story feedback from employees to fuel the cultural transformation journey. Stories exemplifying values and exceptional behavior are shared, creating a library of real-life examples. Celebrating internal heroes and recognizing cultural excellence is integrated into the ongoing communication plan, fostering motivation and appreciation.

Take the Next Step

Join the ranks of successful organizations that have transformed their cultures with LoopingForward. Our integrated communication solution, powered by ongoing communication, storytelling, and data analytics, will revolutionize the way you approach cultural transformation. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and embark on a journey towards a stronger, more vibrant organizational culture


Tell me more...

Our service is different from most because we're not just helping you measure, but we want to impact your culture positively while you measure AND we want to do that more often with less effort.

An Experienced Team

With over 40 combined years managing teams and running multi-million dollar budgets, we know what it's like to move an organization

A Human Touch

We custom developed our own survey technology because what existed on the market was impersonal and wasn't able to get the type of qualitative responses we were looking for

Stay in the Loop

We want you to grow and maintain your relationship with your team. As you progress through the year you'll find that instead of surveying it will start to feel like a dialogue with your team

Compilation Video

You'll get a video of all the great responses and testimonials we receive. This is a valuable asset you can use on your website, YouTube, or social media to recruit and broadcast your culture to the world

Feedback Loops

You'll learn a new way of working and building connection using asynchronous video. Heck, you might even end up with some new ways to communicate with customers!

Responses, Fast

On average we see a 66% response rate within 48 hours. We want you to be able to move fast with feedback because saliency is important to establish trust.


Need clarification?

What's this cost?

It depends on the size of the organization, but for a 200 person company we would charge $15,000. This includes our services and an annual license to use the LoopingBack software.

Are there any guarantees?

We want to be sure you're comfortable with the results, so to de-risk your decision we require half the payment up front and the other half when we deliver the report and compilation video.

What access do I have to the software?

As a part of the services engagement we will include an Enterprise level subscription.

How do I sign up?

Feel free to click one of the many buttons on this page to schedule a meeting with us, or click this handy link here and let's talk!

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