Lead by Influence, Increase Alignment

When there's no office, managing by walking around isn't possible. LoopingBack enables you to stay in contact and scale your relationships as your team and business grows.

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Don’t take our word for it, you should experience what it’s like to communicate in a new way. We believe in our product and the technology and we think you will too, that’s why we offer a 14-day free trial. Put in your contact information below, we’ll setup an account for you and reach out to get you going!

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Amplify Your Influence

A lot of effort goes into getting the organization pulling together because that’s where the magic happens. Our technology often fails to engage our teams (emails, newsletters, etc) or we engage in live events which is time consuming. We’re designed for the “in-between” times, the times between your all-hands where you can still engage with your team, get their questions, and get closer to the action without interrupting productivity.


Everyone Deserves to be Seen

Include everyone in your leadership communications. No longer do we have to decide who gets excluded based on what timezone they live in. Forget about the peer pressure to engage in town-halls or all employee comms, loops are personal and direct.

Rowing Together

Through video and emoji based Loops you can interact with your team in new ways. Easily update everyone in a fun way that doesn’t make the business stop for an hour each month. This also gives you the opportunity to solicit honest feedback from the people closest to the action.

Less Meetings, More Productivity

Because you’re such a trend setter everyone will follow your lead and start using Loops for updates to their teams. This means less meetings up and down the org chart, so more productive, happier, and engaged team members.

Make Sense of it All

With Tate, our AI, you’ll be able to analyze and summarize all of the video feedback you receive. Tate will pick up on keywords, sentiment, and trends so you know where the problem areas are all while building genuine connections with your team.

Goodbye Newsletters, Hello Loops!