Connect Without a Meeting

Let's face it, it's tough to get meetings scheduled. With LoopingBack you don't have to! Meet asynchronously to get feedback while still maintaining the relationship and saving everyone time.

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Innovate in Customer Success

Engage Like Never Before

Your customer develops a genuine connection and you’re able to collect data easily to understand the customer experience. If that’s not win-win I’m not sure what is!

Scale Customers, Not Headcount

It’s hard to give every customer the personal touch. Use LoopingBack to give updates, understand problem areas, and keep an eye out for that all important renewal. We your team time to spend less time writing emails and scheduling meetings and more time on the important things.

Meaningful Analytics

With Tate, our AI, you can quickly understand what key points your customers are talking about. We compile all the keywords, verb phrases, and sentiment of all recorded customer feedback for analysis. Easily search and filter through all the unstructured video data to find the nuggets (not the chicken kind) of insight you’re looking for.

Learn How Your Team Can Stand-out