Get more customer stories.

Most brands are sitting on top of a well of positive customer sentiment, but never tap it. That's what we're for, a way for you to tell your story and collect your customers' stories by simply upgrading your existing outreach.

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Surveys made for Humans.

How effective are surveys if you're bribing people to take them? They're definitely not building intimacy.

We've set out to put the human back in surveys. With LoopingBack you can uniquely connect with your audience through video, build connections, and receive authentic feedback that matters.


"The Coolest Thing to Come Out of the Pandemic"

Trusted by innovators and leaders in marketing, education, and remote work. Built with intention to authentically enhance customer and employee intimacy.


Tell your story... 

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...collect theirs

Amplify your Audience's Voice

We have remixed ideas founded in social media for employee engagement.  With added powerful polling and AI capabilities, we've created a video communication platform built to amplify voices.

  • Survey building capability
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Two-way asynchronous video or audio
  • Customizable delivery schedule
  • Email and SMS notifications
  • Secure, passwordless login
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Asynchronous on Purpose

LoopingBack is built with the intent to respect your time. Break the cycle of send/respond with a daily schedule eliminating interruptions and allowing you to stay focused.

Flexible Pricing for Your Use Case

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